mercredi 9 février 2011

The emotionally secure effect of woman curves are sexy.

The woman curves not only stimulate the instinct of the reptilian brain but also stimulates the limbic system (center of our emotions).

Men need to be secure for sexual contact with a woman.

The woman curves sends a nonverbal message that secures and calm man. They induce a state of well-being.

The woman curves lower the anxiety level.

The woman curves help to reduce the emotional suffering of man.

The woman curves induces sexual emotion.

The woman curves seductive.

The woman curves have a calming effect which induces the feeling of love.

The woman curves make man in love.

We found naturally sexy the woman that induces to us a feeling of love.

In tactile contact with the curves of a woman, the man obtain pleasure.

The curves become fascinating.

Pleasure is sexy.

The pleasure that a man withdraws into contact with the curves makes the fidelity hormone secreted. At the beginning because the woman had absolutely need a man to survive during the pregnancy that reduces its ability to move and for the survival of its offspring.

The reassuring effect of woman curves is sexy for man.

The sensuous curves eroticizes, humanizes, softens, makes them happy.

Femininity suggests softness comfort, wellbeing and warmth. The emotionally secure effect of curves are sexy,

Buxom it's cool, cool it's sexy

Fat it's kind, kind it's sexy

Plump it's calming, calming it's sexy

Chubby make happy, happiness it's sexy

Flabby it's fun, fun is sexy

Hefty it's warm, warming it's sexy

Fatty it's enveloping, enveloping it's sexy


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lundi 17 janvier 2011

Thin equals sexy cultural conditioning

The idealized sexual image of thin woman is a cultural construction.

When we talk cultural we talk moral and judgments too. The néocortexte is the cultural brain. The neocortex is responsible for the establishment of the standards (norms), of the scale of value and of the moral code. The neocortex is responsible for the establishment, in our society, of the rituals and rites of passage. With the neocortex the society adopts the customs and beliefs.

All societies seeking to regulate the sex drive and the need for closer social / sexual.

Thin equals sexy is not just a manner of aesthetics. This implies an attempt to moralize the women sexuality.

The feminine curves provoke a strong reaction of the reptilian brain that drive men to lust. They strongly stimulates the libido. This turmoil inside, these emotions is disturbing. Is it normal? We must explain it rationally. Is it a evil call, a devil temptation, are women  possessed by the devil, or more precisely their curves are ?

The woman curves is something shameful, it's shocking, displaced, indecent, scandalous, vulgar and disturbing. Women must avoid to appear in public with their curves, they have two choices : to hide or lose weight.

Our modern culture is trying to lessen the effect of the feminine curves on men, it set the standard thin equals sexy, a scale of value where the thin women are considered more beautiful and a moral code in where virtuous women are thin and healthy.

The discovery of pornography is used as a rite of passage for young men it impose the belief thinness equals sexy to them.

The acceptable cultural fantasm thin equals sexy is opposing itself to the innate fantasm fat, chubby, plump equal sexy.


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mardi 28 décembre 2010

The three brains

Our nervous system is divided into three parts the reptilian brain, the limbic system and neocortex. Placed above each other.

The two brains over reptilian brain are used to repress the impulses of the first, the reptilian brain. (Or to moralize)

The limbic system is the brain of social relations. We socialize with our emotions.

The neocortex is the culture brain. It is our intelligence that we set rules, rituals and beliefs.

Our reptilian brain drives us to copulate at any time. This obsessive drive is repressed by the limbic system, sex live, without preparation, anywhere any time create a chill, "we cannot make sex like that", we must establish a safe social relationship before sex.

The neocortex suppresses our primitive brain by establishing rules exemple: "no sex before marriage" even if couples are in love. Love is not enough you must manage the sex in a strictly cultural way.

The neocortex definition of what makes a woman sexy is perhaps very different than the reptilian brain.

The idea that thin women are the sexiest is a fabrication of our modern culture.

The dominant culture imposes on men the idea that the sexiest women are thin. This way of seeing things it's a belief.

Men have social pressures to adopt the standard of thinness equals sexy. The men who dare to tell his entourage his preference towards different women make him laugh.

Derogatory comments towards chubby women shows out this cultural context that implies a moral.

The idealization of female thinness is a fabrication of the mind. This idealization have the same origin that motivated religions to invent the concept of sin to repress the reptilian brain of the people.

Men must break the cultural conditioning to prefere thinness, by letting their reptilian brain express itself freely. To discover that they are naturally attracted towards fat, chubby, plump and curvy female body.

Do you think that you have been be influenced by the cultural context about how you find a woman sexy ?

Let me know ?


Humans have three brains

 Rapid Transition from Reptilian Brain to Neo-Cortex or Mediation

 Perspective of Mind: Carl Sagan

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vendredi 17 décembre 2010

The reptilian brain and the reproduction

Why your reptilian brain want you te perceive a woman has sexy.

The reptilian brain has two aims the survival of our body and the reproduction.

Your brain reptilian want you te perceive a woman has sexy for the reproduction manner.

The brain reptilian control:

The survival behaviors are: eating, drinking, spleeping, body temperature management, escape danger, fighting (aggressiveness)


The reproductive behavior is: copulation.

Your reptilian brain makes you act and react automatically or unthinkingly.

The reptilian brain gives you an appetite for food and sexual appetite (libido) appetite is an impulse.

Your reptilian brain recognizes instinctively if it's food or not by the smell and taste. When your reptilian brain recognizes or detects food it puch you to eat it immediately.

Your reptilian brain recognizes instinctively what makes a woman sexy or not by the sight and smell. When your reptilian brain recognizes or detects a woman able to bear children or fertile it make you want to copulate with her right now.

What is sexy for your reptilian brain it's what makes a woman fertile.

Visually a fertile woman is recognizable by her wide hips and with her fat chubby, plump body.

Body Fat in Women and Men

Because the woman curves are necessary to provide an energy reserve for the foetus growing, and her wides hips facilitate the delivery of her baby.

What is necessaire to be fertile make woman sexy.

More the woman is fertile more she look sexy

The image of what make sexy is write in the reptilien brain.

Reptilian brain recognizes a fertile woman like a bar Code.

Fertility fears for thin women

Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection.


Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection

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What do you thing? Are you agree with me ?

lundi 13 décembre 2010

Who decides that a woman is sexy or not?

Who decides that a woman is sexy or not?

Is it Hollywood ?

Is it Sports Illustrated ?

Is it playboy magazine?

Is it the Victoria's Secret: Lingerie ?

Is it hi-hop the music ?

Is it or yours friends or

Is it your reptilian brain the center of yours impulses.

It's yours impulses that decide for you if a woman is sexy or not

You find a woman sexy not after a period of reflection, it's a feeling, is an automatic emotional response.

Is the expession of your inner animal that lies in you.

It's yours impulses that decide for you what make woman sexy.

Yours impulses lead on what your sexual interest characteristic of the female body?

What are female characteristics yours impulses leads your sexual interest ?

It's fat, chubby and plump body

It's a genetic.

What do think about it let me know your opinion ?


vendredi 10 décembre 2010

Hey man! What really make a woman sexy

Hey man! What really make a woman sexy
Hey man! Wake up!
It's the fat of her body
It's her chubby body shape
It's her plump body shape
It's her big boobs
It's her big booty

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What do you thing? Are you agree with me ?